[4th story] The position of a jewelry clerk

Speaking of the clerk, there are also things on the position. From the consumer’s point of view, a jewelry shop with a high quality image is also one of company. Naturally, they have to raise sales, so they are in a position to “want to sell”. Of course, this is not a good or bad, but a sound reality.

Depending on the company, it varies, but it is the morning meeting before opening and calling daily quotas continuously, setting the quotas to the clerk “individual”, or ○○% of sales as a commission There is an incentive system added to the salary. Again, this is also sound in each position, not to mention it here.

I think that it is good to recognize again that there is a clerk in such an environment.

I dare to say that

“The clerk who is aiming for sales first”
“The clerk who makes the customer’s request the first purpose”
And both.

From these things, if you ask the clerk about 4Cs in detail, you should be able to tell in detail, but it will not be a smart shopping if you think of everything as a clerk, especially when it comes to price.

Are the words uttered from the clerk’s mouth “a word to respond to customer questions / requests” or “a sales talk to have a customer buy something a little higher”.

Well, soon, I would like to explain “the 4Cs perspective that the store clerk in the jewelry shop can not tell” in line with the above order.


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