[3rd story] What is 4Cs of Diamond

4Cs of Diamond

Well, 4Cs, which is the main point of this chapter, is defined as the basis for evaluating the diamond by GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

It is evaluated from four perspectives, and it is well-established today as a world-class evaluation. Prices traded in Belgium or Israel’s world diamond market are also traded along this 4Cs.

However, it is the human eye that determines the evaluation no matter how good the criteria are set, or even if the human eye that determines the evaluation is superior, 4Cs is also merely a “standard” defined by humans. This 4Cs can never be “all”.

Although since prices are traded based on this 4Cs, there is a big pitfall here (or target). If it just one of 4Cs grade is different, and it is a diamond that changes thousands or 10 tousands dollars different, and more…

Naturally, this can not be understood if you have never traded the diamond itself. Just as a university professor who teaches economics does not necessarily succeed at actually starting a company, it is different in understanding in mind and body. In jewelry stores, it’s not all sales clerks have experience for trading diamonds, so I think you can have equal conversations if you keep the minimum points.


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