[2nd story] Order to select diamonds

Points to select

It is the points of select for diamonds, you need a budget at first.

Of course, if you can spend the money, you have more options to select a more beautiful diamond.

Here, it is better to decide on a sensuous budget and another budget, the “limit” budget.

If you actually look at the shining diamond in the jewelry shop, you may be thinking, “If it’s a little more then it will be alright, MAYBE…

In addition, it may be recommended using words such as “campaign”, “limited”, or “exchange rate reduction” as sales strategy of the shop or aiming at around 110%-120% of your budget.

If you set a real upper limit by a number, it is possible to make a judgment once and for all when selecting anything.

From now on, it is concrete, but it is “4Cs of diamond” after all to be very helpful as point.


In this chapter, I would like to explain this 4Cs from the consumer’s point of view, and the order for selecting a diamond including this is as follows.

1. Determine your budget
2. Determine the approximate weight (Carat)
※ Size changes by weight, basically
3. Be conscious of your first impression
4. Look at the color
5. Look at transparency (Clarity)
6. View the cut
7. Check and judge your senses

In this way, most of the items refer to 4Cs, so if you do not know this, it will be different.

Then I would like to explain in order based on this 4Cs.


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