[1st story] Diamond Rarity

What is the final point to judge diamond

Diamonds, as we all know, are deep.

It is a natural product, and because of its rarity, for example, in terms of size, it can be said that nothing is so expensive. Besides, it is Therefore, it is also a fact that there are various mechanisms and back society behind the people, companies and markets that handle this diamond. However, this series does not seek to pursue such background.

So how do you choose the world’s most expensive diamond? In a nutshell,

“My sense”

is. This is my final conclusion, and I believe that it will not change in the future. However, this alone will become a desk theory, so I would like to go into more specific selection order later.


Diamond output

The annual global production of diamonds is, for example, 150 million carats in recent years. In other words, about 30 tons, roughly half of this diamond is used for industrial use. It’s a dirty diamond, and it’s like falling into a “jewelry test”.

Industrial diamond is used for processing such as grinding and polishing of high hardness materials and difficult-to-cut materials by taking advantage of the characteristics of the world’s “hard” world. For example, it is this diamond cutter that digs a tunnel, and it grinds with the diamond also to cut the hardest diamond in the world.

Source: global-diamond-industry

In any case, half of the output is used for industrial use, and the excellent diamonds that have been tested for gemstones are mostly cut and scraped off, resulting in about 5 tons. People around the world are sharing the amount of one truck.



Appeared on the surface of the earth miraculously by volcanic eruptions over tens of millions of years, it is often said on the property that is so “rare” among them, even because it is a natural product As you can see, gems (in this case, diamonds) are just “one time meeting”. Because these are diamonds, I finally think that my “sense” is the right decision.


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